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MediaMatters, February 4, 2019

GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): The anti-Trump, foul-mouthed hater of all Trump supporters took a starring role in a Pepsi commercial. The woman who alienates half of America, check that, disparages half of America, gets an endorsement deal with Pepsi. Remind me never to drink Pepsi again. If executives there are dopey enough to hire Cardi B, a woman who spits in the eye of half the people who probably drink their product, then lord knows how dopey they are when it comes to ingredients. But I’m sure executives will openly play dumb and forget Cardi B ever said this.

STINCHFIELD: Just makes you want to go out and drink Pepsi. Just an upstanding, all-American gal everyone wants promoting their product. What a joke.
~ Grant Stinchfield, NRATV host, on Pepsi using Cardi B in its Super Bowl commercial