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Gizmodo - June 9, 2019

... "There’s probably other factors at work here. For one, as theColumbia Journalism Review noted, Republican politics has a long and storied history of “seeking to discredit journalism,” and many of its institutions have become increasingly partisan and polemical. (In other words, screaming inaccurate things louder and louder.) That doesn’t exactly bode well for their viability in search rankings at least ostensibly designed to emphasize “expertise” and “trustworthiness.”

It’s pretty much conservative dogma at this point: Silicon Valley is secretly discriminating against Republicans and conspiring to push left-wing propaganda on everyone! Donald Trump throws out unsubstantiated bile on the topic left and right, while Republicans in Congress and right-wing media parrot it nonstop. That’s all been despite a lack of any credible evidence suggesting it’s true, beyond the usual hearsay and distortion.

Here’s something that will absolutely not change the most feverish minds opining on the topic—that would contradict the conservative persecution complex that now dominates much of GOP politics—but is interesting nonetheless. This Saturday, the Economist posted the findings of a year-long analysis it ran on Google’s news tab in search results, concluding there is no evidence that Google goes out of its way to mess with conservatives or lend a helping hand to Democrats. ...
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