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News.Yahoo - February 21, 2021

Rep. Cori Bush, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist elected to Congress in November, remembers the hate-filled stares and the mental and physical abuse she and others endured from police officers while protesting in Ferguson, Mo., in 2014 and 2015. But she also says she was villainized by many in the community simply for standing up for Black lives after the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown Jr., a Black teen, by a white police officer.

“People were calling us terrorists for saying Black Lives Matter,” Bush, who is from St. Louis, told Yahoo News in a video interview this month. “People were telling us, ‘Oh, get a job. … You just want to have something to complain about.’ … No. We wanted to stop Black death at the hands of police.”

On Jan. 3, Bush took her oath of office and became the first Black congresswoman in Missouri’s 200-year history as a state. It was her third run since the death of Brown, and she credits the protests in Ferguson with helping her realize her goal of bringing her activist passion to the halls of Congress.

Bush, 44, represents a new wave of progressive politicians in Congress, along with freshman congressman Jamaal Bowman and other more seasoned members of “the Squad,” who don’t shy away from the passionate rhetoric often heard at street marches in the communities they represent. ...
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