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Raw Story - October 29, 2021

"Passion of the Christ" actor Jim Caviezel blurred the line between himself and his most famous role during a blood-soaked speech at a QAnon conference, and a historian signaled his alarm.

...Caviezel's speech has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube, so clearly there's an audience for his apocalyptic fantasies.

"These talks are not harmless," Lecaque wrote. "These speeches are widely watched and listened to and disseminated. QAnon may have diminished as a distinct movement in the months since Q has fallen silent — despite the presence at the conference of both Ron and Jim Watkins, the people most likely responsible for creating the movement's mysterious pseudonymous central figure. But the spread of QAnon's message, especially in religious spaces, makes calls for sacred violence, for holy war, ever more dangerous. Especially if the messenger keeps promoting the possibility that he will once again take on the role of Christ."