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Common Dreams - May 1, 2021

When we think back to the great achievements in American history, they are all tied together by the same story. Whether it was the creation of Medicare and Social Security or the success of the civil rights movement, the victories were won by the people and their elected representatives demanding both progress and justice, while rejecting the status quo.

Cleveland has a long tradition of being represented in Congress by Democrats who understand this lesson from history and do not just go along to get along. That is exactly the tradition we need right now.

Today, our city is at the center of America's problem of poverty, inequality, deindustrialization, and racial inequity. That means we need to elect a congressperson who has both legislative experience working with Democratic leaders, and also the courage to push those leaders to do as much as possible to address the emergencies threatening our city, our nation, and our planet.

In President Biden's first 100 days, progressives have pushed the Administration further towards our position while recognizing that the job is far from over. The Administration has taken important steps on a number of issues, from introducing a larger recovery bill to expanding the definition of infrastructure to include caregiving and the recent decision to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 an hour. These are significant steps in a positive direction for the country.

The strength of the progressive movement nationwide—and the grassroots' courage to ask for more—has pushed this administration further than what many of us expected. But we cannot accept these moves as enough—they are only the beginning.

Having represented our community on the city council and in the state legislature, I have balanced the job of both negotiating with my fellow Democrats and pushing them to be bold—and I know how tough a task it is to make real progress. But I also know that while some may be comfortable with maintaining the status quo, that is not acceptable. This community needs a Democratic representative who will work arm-in-arm with the Biden Administration and congressional leaders—and who will push them to deliver what we urgently need. ...
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