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Via - Daily Beast

CIJ Commentary: All who are working for Justice and Peace should take heart from Francis' Christmas message. Francis has been echoing our desire for equity and unity since he assumed the title of head of the Catholic church.
The movement for Peace and Justice is Intersectional, inclusive alliances that embrace even church leaders who share our aspirations.
Happy Holidays, Community Independent Journal

"Pope Francis has urged world leaders to put aside “partisan interests” and embrace their differences in order to bring an end to global conflicts. Addressing tens of thousands at St. Peter’s Square with a Christmas message on Tuesday, the Pontiff said his one wish this holiday season is “fraternity” among people of different nations and faiths. “Even our best plans and projects risk being soulless and empty” without fraternity, he said. “Our differences, then, are not a detriment or a danger; they are a source of richness.” He went on to call on world leaders to “work decisively” to help end conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Africa, before calling for the “bonds of fraternity uniting the Korean peninsula” to be strengthened. In the Middle East, he said, he wants more dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis so they can “undertake a journey of peace that can put an end to a conflict that for over 70 years has rent the land chosen by the Lord to show his face of love.” ~ Daily Beast