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50 years later there's Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick and Ed Reed's kneeling NFL player protest to bring attention to Black Lives Matter. A half a century not much has changed.

Tim Layden of Sports Illustrated writes:

" I asked Carlos why he still fights. “Look at what you have in the White House,” says Carlos. “That’s the outer layer of America. That’s the President, supplying his base. He called young black men sons of bitches for kneeling. Sons of bitches! He said they weren’t respecting the military. What did he ever do in the military? What did any of his children do in the military? And then you’ve got police officers out there shooting young black men, and nobody is prosecuted. Nobody is sent to jail. It’s the same b------- today that it was fifty years ago.”

The Sports Illustrated interviews and story can be viewed here