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DailyKos reports on June 6, 2019

To read the regular press accounts (as in, say, TheWashington Post or The Boston Globe) about the upcoming “Straight Pride” parade planned for Aug. 31 in Boston, you’d think the organizers were just another set of right-wing provocateurs—which is at least a kind of half-truth.

The whole truth—beyond the stark reality that, as BuzzFeed notes, Boston actually has denied the permit for this event, so it’s unlikely to even occur—is that these guys are much more than that: The chief organizer is a far-right street brawler who has traveled the country participating in and organizing Proud Boys-style events that are billed as “rallies” but in reality are fronts for provocations intended to create street violence directed at left-wing activists.

Mark Sahady, the Boston man who bills himself as president of “Super Happy Fun America,” the organizers of Straight Pride, has a long history not just of organizing violent events, but also of doing so with the active participation of hate group members, self-declared fascists, and active white nationalists.

He also oversees the Massachusetts chapter of a far-right organization called Resist Marxism, and it has been the driving force for a number far-right events in the New England area. Its founder, alt-right street-brawling figure Kyle Chapman, was a scheduled speaker at an Aug. 19, 2017, “free speech rally” in Boston that was notable for attracting 30-40,000 counterprotesters and only a tiny handful of participants. (It had the infamously bad timing of being scheduled exactly one week after the infamous “Unite the Right” events in Charlottesville, Virginia.)

Since then, Sahady has organized a second free-speech rally that drew tiny crowds in November 2017, as well as a gun-rights counterprotest in Boston in March 2018 that was dwarfed by the concurrent March For Our Lives protest by students demanding gun control the same day in Boston, which attracted a crowd estimated between 50,000 and 100,000. ...