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"... America's institutional patriarchy cannot be separated from its systemic white supremacy, and white women are the clearest example of which horrific system takes precedence over the other, as, again and again, millions of white women prioritize their status in a racist society. All the people who express surprise over the fact that these white women are voting against their own interests are ignoring the fact that white supremacy is in their interests; its continued primacy strengthens their place in the existing racial hierarchy, and they're betting that ceding power to white men will still benefit them more than would ceding power to people of color. It is a despicable gamble, of course, one which serves to oppress countless others and perpetuate a system of gross inequality. 

But it's not an uninformed one; it would be wrong to say these women suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, or are naive as to what they're endorsing. These women are making calculated choices and placing themselves and their immediate needs over the needs of others. These are the women who perform a specific type of femininity—long blonde hair perfectly curled, as if wrapped around the hot barrel of a just-fired gun—knowing the kind of protection they'll get from the white men who are just itching to patrol a border they couldn't even find on a map. These women are Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway, and they have all decided that they are secure enough in the continued existence of the power they have that they don't mind ensuring that other women, that men of color, that immigrants, that anyone different than them, will suffer. For now, anyway, the calculations these women have made have paid off; they have their power, they have their protection. But, as any gambler knows, eventually, the house always wins—and, after last night, the House is filled with a bunch of newly powerful women of color, and we can't wait to watch them start winning."

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