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Kathy Copeland Padden, Medium - May 2019

"Time to grasp that “incremental change” means “we will not piss off our wealthy donors so the peasants can have healthcare.” People are dying stupid, beyond needless deaths because insurance company CEOs “need” multi-million dollar bonuses on the reg."

You’re Choosing a Corrupt Party Over the Welfare of Your Fellow Americans

Let’s just lay it on the line, kids. If you want to alleviate the hardships so many of your fellow citizens struggle with daily, electing more establishment Democrats is NOT the way to do it.

Allowing neo-liberals to continue their “centrist” bullshit is literally sentencing millions of Americans to death. More and more people every day can’t afford basic healthcare or crucial medications. This is a human rights violation of horrific proportions.

Why is the U.S. the only first world country not providing its citizens healthcare? Simple. It’s the worst nightmare imaginable for the oligarchy. The inevitability of Single Payer is a crushing blow for two corporate giants, the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Also worth noting is that a healthy populace is not tethered to shitty jobs just to keep their also shitty benefits. The freedom to be more discriminating regarding their employment options is not what the elites want for us. After all, sick and desperate people are far easier to control.

All this while people are rationing their insulin and committing suicide rather than burdening their families with the cost of a major illness.

But who cares, right? “Screw it — I’ve got decent healthcare coverage — why should I want to give that up?” Well, because it would cheaper for virtually everyone, including your self-centered ass that puts “stopping Bernie” above the welfare of your family, friends, and fellow Americans.

Your innate sense of entitlement and careless cluelessness is nauseating.

Say it with me. You shouldn’t have to be wealthy to be healthy.

You Present No Factual Evidence When Denigrating Bernie Sanders

Never, in all my time fighting with idiots on the internet about politics, have I encountered a “Stop Bernie” Democrat that could present a cogent, fact-based argument to defend their constant assaults on Bernie. It’s always —

“I won’t vote for a socialist!” (Well, fine. Sanders isn't a socialist, and only in right-wing America would he ever be considered one. Next.)

“I hate his accent and crazy hair!” (I hate HRC’s pantsuits and the fact that she sounds like a screech monkey with its testicles on fire. What’s your point?)

And, my favorite:

“He made Hillary lose!” (Riiiiiiiight. Hillary wouldn't have even had the chance to lose if she and the DNC didn’t rig the 2016 primaries. Go away, silly person.)

Worse yet, when presented with proof of neo-lib Dem fuckery like voting records, donor lists, and footage of little kids and women being fondled by a creepy, old, waxen-faced perv, they accuse their adversaries of being big ol’ meanie liars.

C’mon. It’s easy enough to Google your candidate’s record for yourself. But you won’t, because it might poke a hole in your cozy, insular bubble. So you’ll just throw a baseless tantrum instead. ...
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