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John Pavlovitz - May 2019

I need you to clarify something for me, MAGA friend.

I’ve seen all your incendiary social media posts about the border crossers.
I’ve come across the fictional statistics about their supposed crime and alleged violence, that you so willingly repost.
I’ve read Donald Trump’s rambling, all-caps, alarmists tweets.
I’ve seen the Tomi Lahren’s of the world, daily vomit their sky-is-falling talk of “border invasions.”
I’ve heard Franklin Graham’s furrow-browed sermons about the Godless, lawless threats apparently pouring into our nation.

And you’re buying that?

That’s really why you think all these people come here?

To sell drugs?
To take your jobs?
To sexually assault people?
To overrun us with gang activity?
To avoid hard work?

Is that really the story you tell yourself?

Do you actually think people brave arrest and dehydration and death just to come here and steal from us?

Are they stuffing themselves into stifling storage containers and into hidden compartments of truck beds for hours, because they’re looking to set up illegal activity?

Are they all traversing miles of sun-scorched land, carrying their children and all that they own, because they’re lazy?

Are they leaving the only home they’ve ever known, because they look forward to being in a place where they know that the President, half the lawmakers, and much of the population openly despises them? ...
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