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CNBC - May 28, 2019

... Biden’s plan to hit up top Democratic donors in New York is the latest example of his aggressive fundraising approach as he contends for the right to take on President Donald Trump in 2020. Throughout the 2018 congressional midterm elections, New York City financiers combined to give just over $272 million to Democratic causes, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Biden leads the sprawling Democratic 2020 primary field by large margins, according to most polling.

Cuomo’s decision to attend one of Biden’s first New York fundraisers comes after the governor indicated to party donors that he’s looking to open his formidable fundraising network to the former Delaware senator, CNBC first reported. The governor publicly threw his support behind Biden in April, saying: “I think he has the best chance of defeating President Trump, which I think is the main goal here.”

CNBC also reported that Chanos was slated to attend at least one of the New York fundraisers next month and that Biden is preparing for a California Bay Area money-making tour at the end of June. In his first official day in the race, Biden raised $6.3 million, more than any other 2020 Democrat did on their first day. Chanos said in February that he would back Biden for president.

The reception at Chanos’ home will take place the evening of June 17, and tickets are expected to go for up to $2,800 per person. Real estate executives had been planning a separate fundraising breakfast for Biden but organizers decided to fold their event into one. ...
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