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Heavy - May 22, 2020

In a recent interview, Joe Biden said the NAACP has always endorsed him every time he’s run. However, the NAACP confirmed with Heavy that they don’t endorse candidates as a non-partisan organization, although individuals associated with the NAACP are free to do so at a personal capacity. The President of the Georgia NAACP has also stated on social media that the NAACP does not endorse candidates. Read on to see exactly what Biden said and to read the NAACP’s statement.

Biden Said: ‘The NAACP’s Endorsed Me Every Time I’ve Run’

At the end of his video interview with the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM on May 22, Biden said: “Take a look at my record man, I extended the voting rights 25 years, I have a record that is second-to-none, the NAACP’s endorsed me every time I’ve run, I mean, come on. Take a look at the record.”

The NAACP Does Not Endorse Candidates

Heavy reached out to the NAACP. Marc Banks, National Press Secretary, confirmed that the NAACP does not endorse candidates. He said:

As a non-partisan organization, the NAACP does not endorse and has one mission and that is fighting for and advancing our Black communities towards an equitable reality. Our primary focus in this moment is to ensure that our communities that have been victims of domestic terrorism and disproportionately impacted by this pandemic have the opportunity to cast their powerful vote come November.”

Banks also noted that individuals are free to endorse whoever they want in a personal capacity not affiliated with the NAACP. ...
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