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TeenVogue - June 2019

"To me, Biden’s pledge to keep a room full of wealthy donors satisfied with the status quo is the surest sign yet that Democrats need to take a hard and close look at what the party will represent not just in 2020, but in the future."

... The 2016 election taught me many things, one of those lessons being that it’s dangerous to put too much faith in polling as an indication of how a race might actually shake out. But another lesson I learned was that when it comes to the Democratic primary, a candidate with the right moderate sensibilities and plays-well-with-Democratic-leaders attitude can keep an upper hand against more progressive challengers, both in the race and within the party itself.

And so I think that even if the polls could be very, very wrong, it’s important to consider the very real possibility of Biden winning the primary, even if doing that makes me sick to my stomach. In just the last week, the candidate has given me more than enough to wish we had an alternative to electoral politics for creating change.

As reported by CNN, Biden said Tuesday, June 18, at a New York fundraiser that he missed working with segregationist senators in an era when "at least there was some civility.” The idea that there was anything civil about United States lawmakers attempting to segregate our society is still a head-scratcher, especially from the man who lambasted Trump for his both-sides response to the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville in his campaign announcement video. Biden himself historically opposed busing (a tactic used to racially integrate schools) and played a role in the 1994 crime bill (which helped worsen the mass incarceration of people of color).

But Biden’s week on the campaign trail didn’t end with him reminiscing about the pleasantness of building bipartisan relationships with people trying to further institutionalize racism. On Tuesday, ahead of his donor speech, Biden stopped by the Stonewall Inn, the site of the legendary Stonewall uprising in June 1969. With the 50th anniversary of the riots looming, The New York Times reported that Biden stepped behind Stonewall’s bar and bought a round of beers and photos show him taking selfies with patrons. ...
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