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The Detroit News - January 22, 2020

In crude and demeaning remarks released this week as part of an upcoming documentary about her life and failed presidential bid, Hillary Clinton sought to handicap former rival Bernie Sanders’ chances to become the 2020 Democratic nominee and even suggested she won’t commit to backing the Vermont senator if he clinches the nomination.

... Clinton perhaps forgot to look in the mirror before offering those remarks about Sanders, because she fits that description more than the candidate who launched a more authentic campaign than she did in 2016. While Sanders took the political world by storm, insisting on an economic revolution on Wall Street and putting the searchlight on the various dimensions of economic inequality that have crippled millions of lives, Clinton offered nothing but an out-of-touch campaign. 

Because she still looms large in the white liberal establishment that controls the Democratic Party, some of whom are deeply sleeping through this period of great uncertainty and are unwilling to push the envelope as Sanders has done, Clinton’s comments are bound to have an impact. She is trying to sow doubt among traditional Democrats to keep them from backing Sanders should he pull an upset and become the standard bearer of the party facing off against President Donald Trump in November. 

This is a full-blown delegitimization campaign unleashed by someone who still doesn’t know that she needs to exit the stage.

This election is not about Hillary. It's not about the Clintons, who once enjoyed a godlike status in Democratic politics. This is about the future of a nation in uncharted waters that must be decided in November. 

“Hillary Clinton’s comments are extremely disappointing, especially after Bernie Sanders campaigned for her after she won the nomination in 2016. Ironically, her campaign used a pied-piper strategy to elevate Trump in 2016. She underestimated Donald Trump and assumed he would be the easiest candidate to beat, while also ignoring how dangerous his presidency could be for people of color, the working class and immigrants,” said 28-year-old Zackary Reinhardt, who is vigorously campaigning for Sanders in Michigan. “Removing him from office should be the first priority; instead, she's disparaging arguably the strongest candidate to defeat Trump in 2020. It’s ludicrous.” ...
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