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The Daily Beast, March 5, 2019

For years, Sheriff David A. Clarke was a fixture on Fox News, raging against Black Lives Matter, reportedly neglecting his duties as sheriff, and owning libs at every corner.

Nowadays, the firebrand Trump ally and ex-Milwaukee sheriff isn’t welcome on Fox anymore, The Daily Beast has learned.

The one-time Fox News regular, who was previously considered for different senior posts in the Trump administration, was effectively “banned” last year by the network, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

The decision was more sweeping than the “soft bans” that Fox has imposed on other guests or contributors, such as former White House official Sebastian Gorka, who was barred from Fox’s “hard news” programming but regularly appeared on opinion shows like Hannity.

In a lengthy note to The Daily Beast from Clarke’s email address, an unnamed “assistant” to the sheriff wrote that after years of appearing as a “guest host” on Fox, he spoke to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott in late 2017 about becoming a paid contributor, “no longer wanting to work for free for them while they made money on ratings off of him.”

According to Clarke’s “assistant,” the sheriff then never heard again from Scott or any Fox News producers. Because of this, the sheriff senses a left-wing conspiracy at play. “It may have had something to do with the very liberal Rupert Murdoch boy taking over after Roger Ailes and Bill Shine, who was in charge of programming, were let go. Ailes and Bill Shine liked the sheriff,” Clarke’s rep wrote.
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