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HuffPost - July 1, 2019

A conservative writer was injured over the weekend at a rally in Portland, Oregon, kicking off a tidal wave of right-wing complaints about violence on the left.

But Saturday’s violence wasn’t an outlier; it was guaranteed. It’s been happening on the same streets, hosted by the same far-right extremist groups, on a regular basis since the election of President Donald Trump.

These rallies are specifically organized for the purpose of violence, with makeshift weaponry and bloodied, tearful faces appearing in Portland with regularity over the years. HuffPost has reported on how far-right extremists who organize them meticulously plan to attack their ideological opponents and then claim victimhood when the dust settles.

We saw the same on Saturday, when the Proud Boys extremist gang hosted yet another one of its street fights in Portland at which there were bound to be injuries.

This time around, it was conservative writer Andy Ngo ― who has 200,000 Twitter followers and a reactionary publication called Quillette behind him ― who was bloodied in the melee by unidentified assailants.

What followed was a flood of hand-wringing from national news outlets on both sides of the political aisle: Fox News on Monday was decrying “Antifa Violence,” alongside CNN’s Jake Tapper, who tweeted over the weekend, “Antifa regularly attacks journalists; it’s reprehensible.”

In an instant, the underlying problem ― that extremist gangs have for years been hosting bloody skirmishes in coastal cities like Portland, often with tacit support from local police ― was lost amid a media circus of pearl-clutching and punditry.

There’s A Pattern, And It’s Not Antifa Violence

It was a similar scene in Portland last August: Proud Boys and their allies in a punch-happy group called Patriot Prayer invited anti-fascist counterprotesters to meet them at the edge of the Willamette River to fight, under the guise of a “freedom” and “free speech” rally downtown.

That arrangement played out as it regularly does ― with blood. Protesters punched Proud Boys in the face, antifa threw rocks and water bottles at police, Proud Boys sprayed antifa with bear mace, and officers put a counterprotester in the hospital, a tear gas canister lodged in his skull. ...
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