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Law & Crime - October 14, 2019

"The controversy came to a head over the weekend after Preston attacked Warren’s primary rival Bernie Sandersby falsely claiming that he hadn’t attended an LGBTQ event since the 1970s. Sanders regularly attends such events.

Twitter usersOlivia HillandBrook Hinesdocumented various problematic tweets by the Warren campaign apparatchik.

“The wheels seem to be coming off of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign,” Hines told Law&Crime in a message. “Within a few days Warren is criticized on her LGTBQ record, then gives a canned response to a plant who is a party donor at the CNN LGBTQ Town Hall. Then it’s revealed her new LGBTQ surrogate, Ashlee Preston, has a horrifically bigoted past, and wasn’t transparent about being on the Warren campaign during appearances on TYT. You have to ask, what is going on in Warren’s campaign?”

Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is being heavily criticized for failing to vet a high-profile campaign surrogate with a history of making homophobic, racist, misogynistic and xenophobic comments on social media.

Activist Ashlee Marie Preston was featured in a Warren campaign video released October 10. In that video, Preston explains that she’s “a Warren Democrat because I am not afraid of the fight.”

The video released by Twitter account @TeamWarren is captioned:

🙌@AshleeMPreston is a #WarrenDemocrat, and so are we. Together, we’re fighting so that all women of color have a voice in our democracy.

But the memory of Twitter is long and unforgiving.

Users eventually noticed several racist and otherwise controversial posts made by Preston over the years.

A Tweet from December 11, 2010 reads: “Latino and Asian businesses need 2 stop being rude & fukn disrespectful, & I kno its A LOT to ask in CA but speak fukn English 2* #yahisaidit.” ...
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