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USAToday - May 18, 2019

UPLAND, Ind. — Dozens of graduates and faculty at Taylor University walked out of graduation exercises Saturday morning minutes before the introduction of Vice President Mike Pence, who delivered the Christian liberal arts school's commencement address. 

In caps and gowns, the students and faculty rose and quietly walked down the aisle and out of the auditorium in the Kesler Student Activities Center at Taylor.

The protest, planned and discussed prior to Saturday’s ceremony, comes after faculty and students at the nondenominational Christian liberal arts school debated the appropriateness of the vice president at the commencement ceremony.

Most of Taylor's graduating class remained seated for the vice president, who received a standing ovation after the planned walkout. 

Pence used the commencement address to urge a religious resolve among the Christian school’s graduates and faculty.

“Throughout most of our American history it’s been pretty easy to call yourself a Christian, but things are different now,” Pence said. “Lately, it’s become acceptable, even fashionable, to malign traditional Christian beliefs.”

Graduate Laura Rathburn was one of the students who took a different view. Prior to the ceremony, she said she planned to walk out in protest of Pence as speaker.

Rathburn had decorated the top of her graduation cap in rainbow colors and put a message on top that said, "Ally Visible For Those Who Can't Be.” Rathburn said she was disappointed in Taylor’s decision to involve Pence in the ceremony.

“I thought it was a really inappropriate decision. I think his presence makes it difficult for everyone at Taylor to feel welcomed,” she said.

Some graduates and faculty members wore stickers on their robes and hats that said, "We are Taylor too" in protest of Pence's presence. The stickers were made by faculty in the school's social work department. ...
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