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Chicago Sun*Times, Letters to the Editor - November 26, 2019

Democrats, ignore Obama’s “too far left” warning

Recently, former President Barack Obama warned against Democratic candidates going “too far left.” He said the average American does not want to “tear down the system.”

Well, many of us are drowning in the current system and we need help.

With all due respect to Obama, a man who campaigned on a message of hope and change — and who wrote a book called, “The Audacity of Hope” — it is soul-crushing to hear this type of message.

However, a new type of progressive has emerged from this shell of a country.

That man is Bernie Sanders. A man who has stood up for us even when we weren’t aware of it. Sanders continues to have and preach the audacity of hope.

Now, let us consider several things.

Is it “too far left” to demand that hundreds of Americans who suffer from chronic, progressive diseases receive adequate and timely care? Is it “too far left” to demand that children at the border be treated humanely and not left in cages without their parents?

Is it “too far left” to demand that every child receive a proper education? Is it “too far left” to act when scientists tell us that climate change will decimate the earth in less than a decade?

Right now, in this country, we are tired. What we need is a president who can instill in us a beacon of hope and change, love and humanity. We need somebody who says, “Not me, us.”

When Americans come together, we can change anything, even if we go “too far to the left.”

That’s the audacity to hope.

Rosemary Callahan, Northbrook