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Truthdig! - May 6 2019

... The vehemence of opposition to Trump over the past two years has hidden the internal struggle in the Democratic Party between what can be described as the new left, symbolically led by Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with the united front of the Democratic establishment, which includes most former and current elected officials, think tanks, the donor classes, the liberal faction of establishment media and the Praetorian Guard of conventional political thinking: the Democratic consulting class.

What the Democratic establishment will be looking for in the 2020 elections is the restoration of Clinton- and Obama-era politics, which, despite the populist rhetoric, delivered war abroad and subservience to the financial elites at home. But what new left Democrats are looking for is peace abroad and war with the financial elites at home. These two sides are not compatible in the long run, and their collective opposition to Trump will only go so far in reconciling these contradictions.

What the Democratic Party’s new left needs to understand is that the establishment will fight far more viciously to prevent a new left victory than Republican Party elites did to defeat Trump in the 2016 primary because, putting aside all his anti-establishment rhetoric, the man’s basic political incoherence and fraudulent nature meant that he can be manipulated to serve elite interests while betraying his voters.

In comparison to Trump, the new left Democrats will be perceived as a far greater threat to party elites and the donor/owner classes of both parties. If any of the new left candidates win the Democratic Party nomination, many in Democratic establishment ranks, especially among its nonelected and institutional sections, will be open to lining up behind a “centrist” independent candidacy. This will guarantee four more years of Trump, a price many of them will be willing to pay if the alternative is a Democratic Party transformed into a genuinely social democratic alternative to the Republican Party.

What the entire American political establishment will learn over the next two years is that the political world that existed before the 2016 elections will not be put back together again. Trump, for all his endless faults, is merely the symptom, not the cause, of the crisis facing the United States. The cause of the crisis is an American elite that has for too long mistaken its cynicism for realism, hubris for wisdom, and the sending of other people’s children to fight wars lost long ago for patriotism. ...
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