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Ms. Owens I’m writing you this public letter as part self-exploration, and part catharsis. I’m exploring whether I’m mad or sad for you, the cathartic element will be achieved through the exploration.

Ms. Owens, it’s not that I don’t ‘get you’, understand what you are, your determined aspiration to be -different- and edgy, with your verbal rapid fire support of Deplorable Nation and The President. You’re an opportunist. Trump needs another black woman spokesperson after the very public, very messy, firing of Omarosa. You don’t seem to be as publicly petty or oafish as Omarosa, but you are just as blindly aspirational and grasping. Be careful, over-zealous ambition tarnishes ones polish, you’ll be just like Omarosa before you know it…but I digress.

I first became aware of you via Facebook videos posted by Trump supporting Chads and Kyles, you know, clean cut tiki-torch Nazi types that feel comfortable with their racism, sexism, homo-phobia, and anti-Semitism since your President was elected. You give them cover, you justify their hate. For months I thought you were simply a YouTube charlatan seeking attention and viral video status, kind of like a female Joe Rogan. 

But then I saw the Kanye TMZ clown show. You were there, with Kanye, you seemed like his handler, the Kanye whisperer. 

I don’t know if your and Kanye’s TMZ appearance helped your career. But you’re in good with the Kardashians, so that’s something.....

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