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Common Dreams - August 7, 2019

The Democratic debates turned into exactly what they should have—a war between the progressives and the neoliberal centrists (aka corporatists).

Guess which side the corporate media, the pundits, the think tanks, foundations, the DNC, and the rest of the Democratic establishment is lining up behind?

You got it. The corporatists. Not surprising when you consider most of the mainstream media is owned by corporations, and corporations fund the rest of the neoliberal institutions supporting the party. 

These are the same folks who, back 2016, assured us Hillary would win and that Trump couldn’t.  Undaunted by their complete failure to predict Trump’s victory and undaunted by the fact that they have no satisfactory explanation for why they were so wrong, they’re busy dispensing advice and issuing dire warnings against progressivism once again.

The problem is, their advice is likely to result in the same outcome as it did in 2016—a Trump victory.

For example, they label as “unrealistic,” “impractical,”  “unpopular,” “fantasies,” and “wish list platforms” ideas like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, a rational immigration policy, a fair and equitable tax structure, a trade policy that favors workers not corporations, a sane gun control policy, and cutting the so-called "Defense" budget—a budget that’s based on not defending us from the corporate welfare system that Pentagon contractors live on.

Here’s the thing.  Every one of those proposals are popular with the majority of the people.  Every one.  And that’s true even though they are being attacked by both Republicans and centrist Democrats.  Imagine how popular they would be if there were a coherent, party-wide campaign being conducted in support of them?

Take Medicare for All (M4A). Right now, centrist Democrats and the mainstream media are essentially repeating Republican talking points.  But imagine if the entire party fully embraced Medicare for All and countered Republican talking points about taking away your insurance program and raising middle class taxes with a simple, coherent message like this:

Nobody loves their insurance program, they love their doctors, nurses and hospitals.  Medicare for All offers you a choice to pay a smaller premium to the government for better care, guaranteed coverage and access to more doctors and hospitals, rather than paying a higher premium to private insurance companies for uncertain coverage, fewer choices, higher copays and inferior care.

Most people understand at some level that a system built around profits and wealth won’t be very good at delivering low-cost, high-quality health.  That’s why a majority of folks back M4A.  A party-wide message like the one above would go a long way toward convincing those who don’t already get it, and would help carry the Democrats to victory in 2020, just as health care did in 2018. ...
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