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Christmas' origins are pagan, the observing the sanctity of nature. The season celebrates the winter solstice, observing the sun's emergence from its lowest point in the sky and beginning its ascension which culminates in the summer solstice six months later, the sun's highest point in the sky.

Christianity over-layed the story of the birth of Jesus onto the ancient pagan winter solstice traditions. Jesus symbolizing the sun. It is the attributes of Jesus that gives Christmas its beneficent spirit of giving for givings sake, his ready made social justice pronouncements. One does not have to believe in Jesus the person, or the Christian belief system, to inhabit the 'spirit of the season'. Christianity doesn't own the concepts of celebrating giving and practicing social justice. Those are human attributes that Christianity has projected solely on to Jesus. Symbolically, Jesus represents the 'better part of collective human nature.' Let us remember that this holiday season, the better parts of our nature, regardless of Jesus or Christianity. Beneficence and social justice are year long, lifetime, endeavors.
Christmas is simply a remembrance of who WE are.

In the spirit of the season I wish you...
Happy Holidays Happy Solstice Merry Christmas Happy Kwanzaa Feliz Navidad Happy Hanukkah