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Candace Owens had made a career being the “communications director” for the right-wing grift machineTurning Point USA, and she put those bonafides to work during an appearance on Fox News this Sunday.

Owens told Fox host Judge Jeanine Pirro that President Trump’s disapproval ratings, which are approaching 7o percent, are just fake news. But then again, Owens has never really been one for data and evidence.

“69 percent of people aged 15 to 26 disapprove of President Trump’s performance as a president,” Pirro said during a panel segment that included TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk and longtime Trump surrogate Katrina Pearson. “Wait a minute — isn’t the economy doing great now? Or is it not?”

Owens dismissed the numbers, saying that people “don’t pay attention to much to the polls.”

“But this president, in particular, will appeal more to the youth generation,” Owens said. “Something about him feels punk rock and rebellious. He’s rebelling against the establishment and the mainstream media.”

“It’s something we identify with,” she added. “When you are younger you are in a more rebellious stage.” ...
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