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Philadelphia Inquirer - July 7, 2019

"... I’d say it’s past time for a double-edged sword of resistance — to pressure Pelosi and other Democrats to be bold while not losing focus on the greater evils of Trumpism. The most cowardly Democrats should not just be mildly cajoled but protested andchallenged in primariesif their not up to the challenge of the 21st century and its new forms of fascism. The party will need to figure out how to move forward while growing a new spine, or America will collapse in a quivering heap."

It took less than a century for the Party of FDR to become the Party of Fear Itself. Democrats once earned decades of good will simply by being brave — in launching they-said-it-couldn’t-be-done programs to fight the Great Depression and then fighting off an actual Axis of Evil in World War II. Their actions showed that Franklin Roosevelt and his party really meant it when the 32nd president promised in his 1933 inaugural to fight back against “nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

In the Trump era, unreasoning and unjustified terror has a name, and it’s the Democratic Party. Time and time again over the last few years, Democrats have seen Republicans driving the big rig of the American Experiment toward and even straight through the guardrails of democracy like the out-of-control tanker truck in [Spielberg’s Duel]( — and scrambled frantically to get out of the way.

The failure in 2016 to sound the alarms and shut down Washington over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s blatantly unconstitutional hijacking of a Supreme Court seat was just a practice run, we now know, for what we see now: Slow-walking any meaningful hearings on President Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors and — even worse — passing a McConnell-led bill last month that makes it way too easy for Trump to continue running his gulag of concentration camps.

The border security issue is, admittedly, a tough one for Congress. If you want better facilities to handle refugees who cross into America without authorization than today’s so-called “dog pounds” or decrepit facilities where kids are sleeping on concrete floors, you do need to buy things like beds, soap, and toothpaste. But you have to trust those dollars to an administration that seeks to score political points by cruelly mistreating asylum seekers in the first place. ...
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