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WAOK - May 13, 2020

Candace Owens has always been a controversial conservative voice, especially against Black Americans. In her latest tirade, Ms. Owens decided to call Ahmaud Arbery, the young African-American man who was gunned down for jogging in a suburban community, a criminal.

Not only is it not a crime to enter into a construction site, Larry English, the property owner, went on record in a recent interview and said his property was not burglarized and nothing was stolen from the premises. Which makes the story of Travis and Gregory McMichael, the killers, even more questionable. 

According to the McMichaels, who have been charged with murder and aggravated assault, they were enacting a "citizen's arrest". GA law requires the commission of a felony in the presence of the citizen for this statute to apply. In this case, neither occurred.

There is now an investigation into why this incident did not result in an arrest at the scene. According to local commissioners in Glynn County, the District Attorney got involved and stopped the arrest from taking place. Jackie Johnson, the Brunswick judicial circuit prosecutor, is reportedly close friends with Gregory McMicheal, one of the men now charged in the murder.

Candice Owens is known for trolling Black celebrities on social media and garnering applause from right-wing media outlets and conservative groups. However, in an ironic twist, many Black Republicans are not cheering her latest attempt at punditry. ...
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