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Politico - May 8, 2020

Black and Latino New Yorkers have been hit with the vast majority of summonses for violating coronavirus social distancing rules, according to data released by the NYPD on Friday.

Most of the criminal summonses, 51.6 percent, were given to black residents. Another 29.7 percent went to Latinos, according to city stats.

In total, the NYPD has given out 374 tickets to people breaking rules banning gatherings and requiring people to keep their distance since March 16 — 304 of them, or 81 percent, went to black and Latino residents.

The tickets carry fines of up to $1,000. White residents got 51 summonses, or 13.6 percent, and 3.7 percent went to Asian New Yorkers.

The city did not release statistics on arrests, but according to numbers obtained by CBS 2, nearly 68 percent of 120 people arrested citywide were black, another 24 percent were Hispanic and 7 percent were white. The Brooklyn district attorney has said that 35 of 40 people arrested in that borough were black.

The summonses given out represent a tiny percentage of NYPD's more than one million contacts with New Yorkers to spread awareness about the rules, police said.

But they have gone disproportionately to black residents, who make up 22 percent of the city’s population. The share given to Latino residents is about on par with their percentage of the population, while white people are underrepresented in the enforcement compared to their 32 percent of the population. ...
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