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Black Agenda Report - August 19, 2020

... AG: NPR's WHYY-Philadelphia's report on your arrest says that Biden's campaign headquarters there are right next to Philly City Hall and that they’d built a fence around it. That suggests they're not much interested in unmediated contact with the general population there. Did they make any effort to campaign in Kensington or other poverty-stricken neighborhoods during the primaries?

CH: The fence was new, thrown up the day before our march. It's a busy, busy central city building. Perhaps one of the busiest buildings in Philly, with offices for all kinds of businesses and people. Then somehow, on Monday, opening day of the Democratic National Convention, when the Poor People's Army was coming, they closed it off to the public. That's not coincidence. That's fear. The only efforts they make in our neighborhoods are to make sure that the dope flows freely, and the campaigns throw around enough money to get some people to show up and vote for them.

I ran for state representative three years ago in a special election, and because I ran as a Green, and people dared to come out and vote for me in a Democratic Party city; they were intimidated, and there were ultimately three voter fraud and intimidation convictions and one admission of responsibility in District 197 during my election.

The Democrats come at you hard if you are challenging them. They come harder at independents than at their so-called opposition party, the Republicans. Well, we've always been independent; poor people know that their problems aren't magically solved by a Democrat in office. Most of us have lived under Democratic, so-called progressive mayors, and our lives continue to get worse and worse. We are here to announce our political independence, and we want a new system that puts #LivesOverLuxury. We know the Democrats and Republicans serve the interests of the rich, high-end luxury condo developers and buyers more than any kid in the city who didn't have breakfast that morning, or any senior who is choosing to pay for a medication over a meal. This society is sick, and COVID-19 is just the latest example of preventable diseases that are killing off poor people while rich people profit and get all the best healthcare they need. ...
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