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The Nation - January 15, 2020

By the end of the evening, there was a great deal of anger bubbling up from Bernie Sanders supporters annoyed at CNN. There was even anger from non–Sanders supporters who are not hostile to the senator.
Princeton historian Matt Karp
tweeted, “Even as Bernie Sanders has built the largest grassroots campaign in US history—and currently leads the race in Iowa and NH—the networks still run post-debate panels without a single Bernie-friendly voice.”
HuffPostreporter Zach Cartercommented, “CNN’s crew is just straight bashing Sanders post-debate.”

Tuesday night’s Democratic primary debate is likely to redound to Elizabeth Warren’s benefit. The senator was confident and in command of her arguments. She deftly handled the fracas about comments Bernie Sanders allegedly made to her (which he denies having said) about the poor prospects of a female candidate’s winning the presidential race. Warren turned the controversy into a chance to make the case for her electability.

The evening was a wash for the other candidates. Sanders had some good moments on foreign policy. The other candidates had a chance to present their arguments but did not otherwise distinguish themselves. Joe Biden occasionally wandered in his answers but avoided the gaffes and verbal snafus that sometimes befuddle him.

The big loser of the night was the network that hosted the event. CNN was so consistently aligned against Bernie Sanders that it compromised its claim to journalistic neutrality.

Take the issue of the argument between Sanders and Warren. Sanders flatly denied that he told Warren that a woman could not win the presidency. Since Sanders and Warren were the only two people present at that conversation, there is no way to know who is giving an accurate account of it.

The exchange with CNN moderator Abby Phillip went like this:
MODERATOR: You’re saying that you never told Sen. Warren that a women could not win the election.
SANDERS: That is correct.
MODERATOR: Sen. Warren, what did you think when Sen. Sanders told you a woman could not win the election.
WARREN: I disagreed. ...
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