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The Globe and Mail - July 28, 2019

It’s an “embarrassment” that Americans have to travel to Canada in order to buy cheaper medication, U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on Sunday.

The Vermont senator travelled to Windsor, Ont., with a group of American diabetics to purchase insulin at a lower cost.

“We love our Canadian neighbours and we thank them so much, but we shouldn’t have to come to Canada,” Sanders told reporters outside of a pharmacy.

Typically, a vial of insulin Type 1 diabetics need to regulate their blood sugar costs about US$340 in the United States, roughly 10 times the price in Canada.

Sanders posted on Twitter this weekend that the high cost for insulin has put the lives of American diabetics at risk.

He has long targeted pharmaceutical companies for the cost of prescription drugs, and he made a similar medication trip to Canada in 1999.

“As Americans, what we have got to ask ourselves is how come the same exact medicine, in this case insulin, is sold here in Canada for one tenth of the price that it is sold in the United States?” said Sanders. ...
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