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Common Dreams - August 2, 2019

"TheL.A. Timeswent into further detail in apiecewhich allows readers to zero in on their zip codes for hard numbers.The Wall Street Journalshowedwho had the most small dollar donations across the country (unsurprisingly, the majority of the country went to Sanders in that regard)."

Individual donors to Democratic candidates for the party's 2020 presidential nomination overwhelmingly gave to Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to analyses released Friday. 

The New York Times, in a map produced by the paper's reporters, found that Sanders, an Independent from Vermont, dominates most of the country as the primary or secondary recipient of nearly all donations from Americans in all states—though his support is strongest in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, the eastern Great Plains, and the West.

"The movement is so strong that NYT has to create a separate map that excludes @BernieSanders from it," tweeted Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir. ...
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