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Dear White Boys,

In the past few days, you have endured ridicule, scorn and public outrage over your actions at the combination of a pro-life rally and an Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, DC. After a “longer video” surfaced, critics of your tactics were forced to retract their previous accusations that you were a mob of angry racist teens.

However, unlike those social media reactionaries, I now realize what was going on:

It was a historical reenactment.

I have always believed that white people would be better off if they studied more black history. After seeing the longer video, I would like to give kudos to the educational staff at Covington Catholic for their prescient lesson on the history of white boys at protests.

I must admit that I was wary at first. But you must understand the long history of white people and their immediate calls for patience and “longer videos.” While they are quick to publicly condemn black “thugs” whenever a person of Caucasian descent is involved, white America repeatedly insists that we wait for more video or “all the facts to come out,” as they did in the case of Trayvon Martin, Emantic Bradford, Philando Castille, Laquan McDonald, and even the Mueller Report.

I read your statement that said you were “loudly attacked and taunted in public,” which is evident in this video of you just before the incident in question, yelling at passersby who taunted you by ignoring your group, which is a grievous attack on your whiteness.

But now that all of the facts have surfaced, it is now clear to me that you were part of a live-action, true-to-scale diorama depicting the actions of white men at most protests for justice, equality or freedom. In fact, I think you should be applauded for your patience and acting ability. ...
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