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The Intercept - July 11, 2019

Amy McGrath is everything wrong with the Democratic Party. She launched her high-profile campaign Tuesday with a multimillion-dollar burst of fundraising, with Democrats across the country eager to see her upend Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. By Wednesday, she was apologizing for a bizarre flip-flop-flip on a question — Brett Kavanaugh’s fitness for the Supreme Court — that seemed like a layup. In between, she told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that she was running on the mind-bending rationale that McConnell needs to go because he has been obstructing the agenda of Donald Trump.

Perhaps the strangest part of McGrath’s Kavanaugh answer — she said that she found Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation of attempted rape against him credible, but that such charges don’t disqualify him, and she’d have supported his nomination — is that it wasn’t hypothetical. McGrath was a candidate for a House seat in Kentucky in 2018 when she was first faced with this question. Last summer, before Blasey Ford’s allegations were made public, McGrath took to Facebook to condemn Kavanaugh:

I echo so many of the concerns that others have articulated over the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.
He has shown himself to be against women’s reproductive rights, workers’ rights, consumer protections, and will be among the most partisan people ever considered for the Court. Apparently, he will fall to the right of Gorsuch and Alito on ideology, and just to the left of the arch conservative Thomas.
Kavanaugh will likely be confirmed and we are starkly reminded, again, that elections have consequences, and this consequence will be with us for an entire generation.

After Kavanaugh’s September confirmation hearing, at which Blasey Ford testified, McGrath said, “No one is owed a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Let’s get this right.”

... McGrath is a perfect encapsulation of what’s wrong with the party because her rise can’t simply be blamed on the deformed strategic thinking of Democratic leaders. To be sure, sources in Kentucky say, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer heavily recruited McGrath, believing she’s just the fighter to beat McConnell. So that’s certainly on Schumer, but this one’s also on Democratic primary voters, who first elevated her in 2018: When McGrath ran for her House seat, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was not on her side, and instead got behind Jim Gray, the mayor of Lexington. ...
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