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The Independent - May 14, 2019

It’s hard to get away from talk of the 2020 election and aside from Trump, former vice president Joe Biden seems to be getting the most airtime. As Biden continues to climb in the polls, rumors abound that so-called “middle class Joe” (he’s not middle class) could form a dream team with former California Attorney General and now Senator Kamala Harris. But if this is the ticket the Democratic establishment ends up pushing, then they are reading Americans wrong. The third time isn’t always a charm.

When I first read that the Congressional Black Caucus, among other Democrats, were suggesting that a Biden-Harris ticket was being thrown around as a winning combination to beat Trump, I wasn’t surprised. In an effort to make his ticket more diverse, McCain was the first to try out this strategy in 2008, when he made the terrible decision to nominate Sarah Palin as his VP. Not that Palin and Senator Harris are comparable, because they have almost nothing in common as people. But the way in which a woman, and in this case a black woman, has been thrown into the conversation to balance out an otherwise typical campaign (think wealthy white guy running for president) is familiar.

If Biden became the Democratic nominee and actually managed to beat Trump in the 2020 elections, which I seriously doubt he could, even then Harris as VP would have little effect on American policymaking purely based on the job description. Let’s not fool ourselves: the vice president’s position is mostly ceremonial. They make trips the president can’t make, speak at events the president cannot attend and, yes, they advise the White House – but they are not the main decision maker nor are they the face of this country. And if Biden’s handling of the Anita Hill hearings in 1991 on the panel that he chaired, or his recent lacklustre efforts to make amends, are any indicator of how he intends to proceed, then we can’t expect racially progressive miracles any time soon. ...
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