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Paste, January 11th

The biggest labor story in the world is developing right now in India, and there is almost no coverage of it in America’s major media. Searching “India strike” in the New York Times, Washington Post or CNN International returns no stories about this extraordinary event where 32% of the total Indian workforce is on strike. The title picture of this article is from a massive 2012 protest against Indian rape laws, as Getty had nothing from this recent event. If you have paid attention to labor protests in this country, this really should come as no surprise, as the American press is loath to cover organized action protesting the capitalist class (which I’m sure has nothing to do with the fact that the capitalist class owns 90% of American media).

Here’s one of the most important stories in the world, per Vijay Prashad in the progressive news outlet, Common Dreams:
"Indian cities never go silent. Sound is a constant feature—the horns of cars, the chirping of birds, the cries of hawkers, the steady hum of a motorcycle engine. On Tuesday, India is on strike. It is likely that about 150 million workers will stay away from their workplaces. Trade unions of the Left have called for the strike, a general strike in a country exhausted by rising inequality and a mood of dissatisfaction.

The streets of Kerala—a state governed by the Left Democratic Front—are not quiet. Cars and motorcycles go their way. But the roads are quieter. Public transport is off the road, because the transport unions are behind the strike. Thiruvananthapuram sounds like it did about 20 years ago, when traffic was lighter and when the city was calmer. But there is nothing calm in the atmosphere. Workers are angry. The government in Delhi continues to betray them." ...
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