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Rolling Stone - September 22, 2020

"The Trumps’ belief in eugenics has long been whispered about, but the president has perhaps never announced it so publicly. In a Frontline film that aired in advance of the 2016 election, a Trump biographer revealed the family’s “very deep” attraction to eugenics, beginning with Trump’s father, Fred, who introduced Donald to the “racehorse theory.”

Last Friday, on the night that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, Donald Trump made a campaign appearance in Bemidji, a small city in northern Minnesota. Trump played to the base instincts of an adoring crowd at the airport, where MAGA hats outnumbered face masks by an extraordinary margin — before he slipped into a terrifying embrace of eugenics, “the racehorse theory” of human breeding, and the superiority of Minnesota genes.

Out of the gate at the evening rally, Trump stoked nativism in a state that has resettled large numbers of refugees from Somalia. “One of the most vital issues in this election is the subject of refugees,” said Trump, who has fought to block humanitarian resettlement of displaced people in the United States. “You know it perhaps better than almost anybody. Lotsa luck! Are you having a good time with your refugees?” The president then spewed bile at Ilhan Omar — herself a Somali refugee who serves Minnesota in Congress — spouting a baseless theory that she’d once married her brother (Omar calls that accusation “absurd and offensive”). Shifting topics, but not gears, Trump then addressed the racial unrest in Minneapolis that followed the homicide of George Floyd at the hands of police. Trump recounted his push to have the National Guard sent in, insisting, “You wouldn’t have Minneapolis,” if he hadn’t. He then recounted, with a sadist’s delight, how an NBC correspondent of color, Ali Veshi, got injured with a non-lethal round and was shunted aside as a phalanx of law enforcement marched through the city. “Wasn’t it a beautiful sight?” Trump asked. “It’s called law and order!” ...
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