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On July 22, 2020 The Intercept Reports:

"In early June hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters languished for days in cramped New York City jail cells. Stuck in holding pens without masks and exposed to soiled conditions amid the coronavirus pandemic, they were unable to reach loved ones or lawyers. The protesters were effectively disappeared into New York City’s detention system.

Attorneys from the Legal Aid Society went to court to demand the protesters’ immediate release. In a lawsuit filed against the New York Police Department, attorneys from Legal Aid, a public defense organization, alleged that over 400 individuals in city detention facilities had been held for more than 24 hours without seeing a judge, in breach of state law and detainees’ constitutional rights."

New York City has a due process law that requires the arrested to see a judge and be arraigned within 24 hrs. with a public defender if needed. Defense Attorneys say they don't even know where their clients are being held or even if they're hospitalized. 


In June, The City Reported:

"People who spent time locked up in One Police Plaza described a dismal scene inside.

One man, who requested anonymity, said he was arrested in Midtown shortly after 11 p.m. Monday while looking for a friend. He was released from police headquarters at 6 a.m. with a court appearance ticket for illegal assembly.

He spent the intervening seven hours, he said, in a cramped holding area with 30 other men, some young as 18. He described seeing an asthmatic man beg for an inhaler to no avail, another man with a leg wound wail for hours before being transported to a hospital, and others with tear gas still stinging their eyes plead for water.

It was the first night he participated in the citywide protests — and it might be his last.

“With the new curfew? I wouldn’t protest again, after what I just saw,” he said.

He said cops did not read him his Miranda rights, tell him why he was arrested, or give him the opportunity to call an attorney.

“It’s definitely not a proper due process. It’s literally like ‘Yo, we’re arresting you whether you know what’s going on or not,’” he said of his experience. “You’re just disappeared.”

This isn't about justice, or breaking the law, this is punishment for protesting perpetrated by people that exclaim 'law and order' rhetoric, but don't even honor their own laws. It's clear authoritarianism. Republicans and Democrats have devolved into draconian, repressive governing techniques. They simply practice their authoritarianism in different styles. Trump and Republicans is iron fisted absolutist obedience inducing. While Democratic autocracy is more passive aggressive use of process and the system in a repressive manner. Their objective is the same, exercise of power over we the people.

We the people have to remain in the streets.