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Common Dreams - November 25, 2020

Bolstering calls for President-elect Joe Biden to keep business insiders and industry lobbyists out of his Cabinet, new survey results reveal that 68% of Americans want members of the U.S. Senate to reject any corporate-linked nominees proposed by the incoming president.

The Data for Progress poll, sponsored by Demand Progress and first reported Tuesday by The Daily Poster, found that a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents across all documented demographics agree about how the Senate should respond to such nominees.

The majority of likely voters surveyed believe that if Biden tries to install corporate executives and lobbyists in top positions of his administration, senators should vote against confirming them and urge the president-elect to "instead put forth nominees who have worked to forward the interests of everyday Americans. 

The polling, conducted after Election Day in November, has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points. The results come as Biden continues to fill out his administration, with the president-elect having announced key appointments and Cabinet nominees in recent days.

Those selections have been met with mixed responses from progressives and others calling on Biden to forgo a "Corporate Cabinet" in favor of picking—in the words of Demand Progress executive director David Segal last week—"people dedicated to working in service of the general welfare."

As The Daily Poster noted, along with pushing Biden to "break with the Clinton and Obama administration tradition of installing corporate allies in key governmental positions," Demand Progress and the Revolving Door Project "are poll testing potential nominees, with descriptions of their backgrounds, to gauge potential public support and opposition for a Biden Cabinet." ...
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