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I hesitated about publishing this in fear of amplifying Richard Spencer and this white supremacist party. However, Anti-fascist praxis won out. Knowledge is power. We need to know what publicly visible neo-nazis are up to, what they're organizing, even when they haven't been so visible lately. 

Spencer made a splash in the past week by announcing he's supporting the Biden campaign. Of course the Biden campaign vociferously rejected Spencer's support. But Spencer's statement was little more than an attention grab. Spencer has been de-platformed across multiple social media sites. He needed to make an eye-raising, "don't forget about me" statement. He used the Biden support announcement to do that.
A few days later Truthout publishes the following announcement of Spencer's involvement with the new National Justice Party.
{The high irony of a neo-nazi death cult political party invoking the term -Justice- in its name is a nice touch, in a clownish way of course...}

Truthout reports:

...  “We’ve decided to create a political vehicle that we can use to channel all the energy that people have against what’s going on right now in a way that will be actually challenging the system instead of into the Republican Party,” Peinovich said on “TDS,” taking the position that the Republican Party ultimately does not serve white nationalist ends.

In an email that was circulated to interested participants, Peinovich was listed as the chairman, and other affiliated people include Joseph Jordan, the real name of white nationalist podcaster “Eric Striker”; Michael McKevitt, a member of neo-Confederate group Identity Dixie and linked to The Right Stuff; Tony Hovater, a neo-Nazi member of the now-defunct Traditionalist Workers Party who was profiled in a much-maligned New York Times piece; Warren Balogh, who is involved in suing Charlottesville city leaders over the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally; Gregory Conte, an associate of Richard Spencer; and Alan Balogh, Warren’s dad and alleged associate of the neo-Nazi National Alliance.

At the National Justice Party meeting, Peinovich showed a video of cut-together images intended to show an apocalyptic situation for white supremacists: immigration, declining white birth rates and the false belief that pedophilia is becoming politically acceptable. The name for the party likely comes from the publication National Justice, run by Peinovich’s co-host for another white nationalist podcast, Joseph Jordan, otherwise known as Eric Striker. That publication is filled with accusations of “Zionist” control of institutions, the supposed violent proliferation of “antifa” and “white genocide” conspiracy theories. The platform for the National Justice Party, which was shared privately with guests, promises to nationalize or break up major tech and pharmaceutical companies and banks, “set an immigration and natal policy” to keep the U.S. white, and confront the “Zionist occupation of our government.” Tech companies have been a focus of white supremacists because of the intense deplatforming they have received, and so they have taken the talking point of “nationalizing” them as public utilities. This is an example of the far right adapting a left-wing political point to their own purposes: They want to neutralize private ownership of these platforms, but for very different reasons than the left does. ...
Read the full report at Truthout