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The Root - October 15, 2020

But Trump—the guy who wanted the Central Park 5 executed even after they were exonerated, thinks critical race theory and diversity training are the Devil’s work, wants to replace the 1619 Project with an even whiter version of American history than what’s currently being taught and hates all things Black Lives Matter—isn’t an expert on anything except racism, income tax avoidance and lying his pasty orange ass off.

All of these Black celebrities would do well to understand how unlikely it is that a sitting president is going to meet with entertainers on major policy decisions. Now, our current president and his administration will meet with you. He’s so desperate for Black friends that he won’t pass on the opportunity to use you and your naivete for “look at my African-American over here” optics, but that’s about it.

I remember when Steve Harvey met with Trump and Ben Carson to consult on urban development in the Black community even though neither he nor Carson had any real experience in urban development in the Black community—which obviously made the secretary of housing and urban development the perfect job for Trump’s favorite negro whisperer. Did anything come out of that meeting? Nope. Did Harvey end up regretting it? Yep. Was it the equivalent of a commander-in-chief asking George Lopez and Ray Romano to address the concerns of lower-income Latino and Italian Americans? Of course, it was.

Anyway, Tuesday wasn’t a good day for the “It Was a Good Day” rapper Ice Cube. There were no jacker-less red lights or triple-doubles on the basketball court, and if the Goodyear blimp read anything, it was, “Ice Cube got pimped.”

By now, many of you have heard that Cube was recently in contact with the Trump administration weeks ahead of the 2020 election, aka the old-crusty-white-men-pander-for-the-Black-vote-o-thon, according to tweets by both Cube and Trump 2020 senior adviser Katrina Pierson.

Apparently, he had input on Trump’s Platinum Plan for negroes who love platinum—which was conveniently announced a little over a month before the election. ...
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