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Jacobin - November 26, 2021

This Black Friday, a coalition of unions, nongovernmental organizations, and grassroots groups joined under the name of Make Amazon Pay is staging a day of strikes and protests targeting Amazon across twenty countries, demanding the company pay a living wage, taxes, and compensation for its environmental impact.

The action takes place at the level of Amazon’s operations: the planet. While the tech and logistics company is based in the United States, it operates globally, employing some 1.3 million people worldwide, a number that doesn’t include its many workers who are employed by subcontractors. So, too, must resistance to Amazon traverse borders.

The Make Amazon Pay coalition launched last year with a Black Friday day of action, but this year, the coalition’s reach will be broader, with protests and strikes planned in twenty countries. The coalition says that the day of action will range from “oil refineries, to factories, to warehouses, to data centres, to corporate offices,” highlighting Amazon’s far-reaching, less-visible arms.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), for instance, generates the bulk of the company’s profits and works with both the fossil fuel industry and the military, but its data centers are far less visible than its warehouse and delivery operations. With its protests outside of oil refineries, Make Amazon Pay hopes to begin to change that. As Kelly Nantel, director of national media relations at Amazon, told Motherboard, which first reported on the Black Friday actions, “These groups represent a variety of interests.” Indeed, that is the point.

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