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World Socialist Website - November 1, 2021

A lengthy three-part series on the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, published Sunday on the website of the Washington Post, provides new evidence that federal agencies were well aware of the advance preparations for fascist violence and turned a blind eye, permitting the coup plot to go ahead.

According to the Post, the reports of imminent violence flooding in to federal agencies were so numerous that one official at the Department of the Homeland Security in Washington alerted local hospitals to prepare for a “mass casualty event” on January 6. The official urged hospitals to lay in additional blood supplies to treat the wounded.

The concerns of this official and many others, however, were overridden by the decision of the FBI, issued on December 23, to shut down any systematic threat assessment related to January 6, with the declaration that it “does not warrant further investigation at this time.” ...
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