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Truthout! - September 14, 2020

Law enforcement agencies in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States are struggling to dissuade people from buying into conspiracy theories alleging extremists are starting many of the wildfires currently ravaging the area.

A number of social media posts on Facebook and other sites allege without evidence that “antifa” is purposely starting the fires, either as a means to destroy communities or to loot homes after owners evacuate the areas. The posts have been proven to be without merit as there is absolutely no indication that activists who identify as antifa or any organization associated with these activists are setting fires to achieve such ends.

“Antifa” is not even a formalized organization but rather a term used to describe individuals who espouse an ethical set of beliefs in opposition to fascism. Still, posts on Facebook alleging the fictional group is setting the fires continue to persist.

It's Going Down publishes:

"This is a dedicated page that will be continuously updated for autonomous groups organizing mutual aid disaster relief across the west coast in communities impacted by the ongoing fires. In Oregon alone, over half a million people are threatened with being displaced by climate change fueled fires, feeding a growing social crisis made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing evictions, violent police repression, and rising unemployment.

To make matters worse, far-Right trolls online have spread conspiracy theories that ‘antifa,’ short for antifascists, have started the fires in a series of coordinated arson attacks. Despite these hoaxes being debunked even by the government and local law enforcement, the far-Right continues to push them. In reality, as you can see, grassroots movements from below are working to build solidarity and working-class power, not attack communities threatened with homelessness and displacement. ..."
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