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Common Dreams - December 17, 2021

"If you decide to return with your packages it will be viewed as you refusing your route, which will ultimately end with you not having a job come tomorrow morning."

More damning information about last week's deadly workplace disaster at an Amazon building in Illinois emerged on Friday when a delivery driver shared records of a conversation she had with her boss, which revealed that the e-commerce giant threatened to fire her if she didn't keep delivering packages even as tornado sirens blared.

"Radio's been going off," the driver told her supervisor—less than an hour and a half before a twister hit one of Amazon's warehouses in Edwardsville—in a text message obtained by Bloomberg News.

"Keep delivering," her boss replied. "We can't just call people back for a warning unless Amazon tells us to."

Amazon was already in hot water for forcing employees to attend their shifts last Friday despite the impending storm and refusing to let them leave before catastrophe struck. Six workers were crushed to death when a warehouse that is being investigated for possible building code violations collapsed—exemplifying the company's long track record of prioritizing profits over occupational safety, critics say. ...
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