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Mic- September 4, 2020

 President Trump would have you believe that the past several months of social justice protests against police violence and racial inequality represent a fundamentally violent threat that only he — aspiring strongman that he is — can crush with overwhelming force. But according to a new report from the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, working in conjunction with Princeton University’s Bridging Divides Initiative, the latest wave of nationwide demonstrations have been "overwhelmingly peaceful," despite politically motivated narratives to the contrary.

... So if the wave of BLM protests has been, as the study's authors found, "overwhelmingly peaceful," what's to explain the prevailing sense that the BLM movement is focused on violence and property destruction? (One poll cited in the report put the number of respondents who believe BLM activists are "trying to incite violence or destroy property" at 42%.) In part, the chasm between narrative and reality can be traced back to two unsurprising sources: "political orientation and biased media framing," that disproportionately dwells on the minority of violent protests, while ignoring the largely peaceful movement as a whole. ...
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