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Hurricane Ida: A Just and Fair Recovery to Alleviate Social Inequity and Poverty

We speak with Flozell Daniels Jr., president of the Foundation for Louisiana, who evacuated his home city and is calling for “a just and fair recovery” that addresses preexisting crises, including COVID-19 and poverty.

I think what we’re hearing on the ground and what we know for certain is that we had some real struggles with regard to even emergency response. If you think about the layers of disaster we’re already dealing with — COVID, the spikes caused by the Delta variant, the economic calamity that Black and Indigenous and people of color in poor and rural communities, our neighbors who are queer and trans and gender nonconforming — these are disasters that were already happening, Amy, before Hurricane Ida hit the shores as one of the strongest storms in American history, stronger than Hurricane Katrina even. And so, what we saw were people struggling to evacuate, struggling to get the resources to safely shelter in place. - Flozell Daniels Jr

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