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First my personal politics:
I'm not a Democrat, I'm a Libertarian Socialist of the Bakunin/Kropotkin school. I belong to the Democratic Socialists of America, I donate to the Green Party, and I only vote for Democrat candidates endorsed by the DSA, or Green Party candidates. I understand the U.S. is a long way from realizing the LibSoc vision. So my votes go to social harm reduction now, and moving the Overton Window significantly to the left.

I haven't voted for a standard DNC Democrat since 2008. That's when I realized that despite Obama being elected by a significant majority, and given a majority house and senate, he got little done for we the people. That's when I concluded the Democratic Party was firmly in the service of Wall Street, the corporate lobby, and military industrial complex.

The Time For Change Is Now

"The future of the deep cultural changes we seek will not be found in the decaying political machines" - Dr. Martin Luther King

Covid, rampant unemployment, a looming eviction crisis, an economy reeling on the verge of collapse. The times are begging, pleading, for fundamental systemic change. Revolutionary change, evolutionary change. Donald Trump nor Joe Biden will embody urgency of this moment, they can't. They're creatures of the 1980s, in relation to now, 1980 may as well be the middle ages. 
Neither Democrats or Republicans have a vision going forward from 2020.

It's early, but if polling holds true Joe Biden should cruise into the Whitehouse. This is the opening for 3rd party voters. If Biden doesn't crap the bed (which is an entire possibility). 3rd party (Green voters) have an opportunity to vote their values, give the two-party duopoly some 3rd party competition for votes going forward.
Given the immensity of the converging crises facing the U.S., the Green Party will become a practical choice for the evolving times we're encountering.

For The Green Party 5% is a Huge Win

From HubPages

They'll ask: "Why vote for a party that can't win?"
'Winning' is relative. 5% of the national vote gets the Green party matching Federal funding for the next national election cycle. That allows greater party visibility, and easier access to the national debate stage, and ballot access in all fifty states. It assures better choices in coming elections in '22 and 2024.
5% is a major win if the Green party can accomplish it.
It's up to us.

This is a big picture long sighted process. The critical issues facing the country will not be addressed in one election cycle, or the next. But, we need to start the process of rectifying them now, it's critical. What we do know is the Democrats and Republicans will not address these critical issues in a prescient manner, not in a way that satisfies we the people. Only the Oligarchic corporate state will benefit. A vote outside the the political box speaks loudly to the Democrats saying "we're tired of being ignored by you."
You can be heard in this election.
You're wasting your vote by voting for Democrat or Republican.

Swallow hard, say a prayer, make this election, 2020 and beyond, the election that you took a stand and said "no more!" You voted for your values, not your fears.

The Green party platform can be found here

You'll be on the right side of history.