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Meagan Day at Jacobin writes:

"We’re in deep trouble, and neither of these nominees is capable of getting us out of it.

First of all, it’s evident that neither of them can think straight. What’s worse, neither of them has ever demonstrated any commitment to intervene on behalf of the working-class majority — even as it is ruthlessly exploited and trampled underfoot by our economic elites — beyond the bare minimum required by the politics of the moment. Trump is himself a plutocrat who bought his way into prominence, and then brazened his way into the Oval Office in an act of sheer self-aggrandizement. But in our reverie of contempt for Trump, let’s not forget that corporations and the wealthy have always bankrolled Biden’s career and he’s continually let them dictate his agenda, helping fashion our nation’s political system into an item for sale to a high bidder like Trump."

How Did We Get Here

The United States of America was never as great as it thought it was, but it was significantly better than this, especially if you were white. Sure America was racist right down to its DNA, glaring poverty always existed, it was just ignored and later criminalized. Corruption always existed, but now it's manifest like a gargantuan malignant tumor. Occasionally America would produce politicians with redeemable core values and vision. FDR, Eisenhower, JFK and LBJ, despite their warts, exhibited some degree of inspirational vision and executive ability to give the public a refreshing sample. 

Somewhere along the way the United States lost its appetite for progress, lost its creative imagination, lost its desire and collective principles. America became regressive minded and overly cynical. Instead of striving to overcome its bigotry the U.S. found a prideful comfort in its racism, the public readily accepted corruption and malfeasance as unalterable facts of life. We accepted imperial wars for oil and resources, and Pentagon budgets that exceeded the defense budgets of the next nine countries combined

Biden Or Trump Have No Core Values

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are transactional personas. They are not motivated by any humanly rectifiable core values. Trump's only concern is what's in it for him. Biden's circle of concern is a tad broader, his major interest is what's the benefit for himself and his corporate donors, the corporate lobby is Biden's constituency. Both are tools of Oligarchy, willing puppets of Plutocrats.

Biden and Trump are the direct result of a generation of lesser evil voting. A socially and intellectually lazy habit adopted mostly by Democrats since Reagan. The Reagan revolution was such a powerful political force through the 1980s that it induced the Democrats to abandon their principles and adopt Republicanism, this strange mix became known as neoliberalism, first practiced by Bill Clinton and reached its apex under Barack Obama. 

The 2016 election was a stunning rejection of neoliberal politics embodied by Hillary Clinton. The grievous result was the election of Donald Trump and the Democrats' perverse refusal to abandon corporate, centrist neoliberalism and ram Joe Biden down the public's throats

Matt Taibbi writes:

“The next little thing about this vote-for-the-lesser-evil trick, of course—and this is no secret to anyone anymore—is that it drives all the “serious” candidates toward what is commonly referred to as the “moderate center,” even if these serious candidates aren’t, in fact, moderate or centrist in any meaningful sense and the so-called center moves further to the right with each election cycle. For nearly two decades now this process has been steadily advancing on the Democratic side, as liberals are trained to accept the idea that the national majority will never accept a true labor party, or any candidate perceived as “soft” on defense.”

This is how we ostensibly have two Republican parties. A far right-wing, iron fisted authoritarian Republican party that does the bidding of Wall Street and the corporate lobby, and a corporate center right institutional authority Republican party that does the bidding of Wall Street and the corporate lobby. 

The demands and the requirements of the people be damned. That is the result of over twenty years of lesser evil voting.