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NBC News Reports on July 21, 2020:

"Twitter announced on Tuesday it has begun taking sweeping actions to limit the reach of QAnon content and banned many of the conspiracy theory's followers due to ongoing problems with harassment and the dissemination of misinformation.

Twitter will stop recommending accounts and content related to QAnon, including in email, push, and follow recommendations and will take steps to limit content circulation in places like trends and search. This action will impact approximately 150,000 accounts, according to a spokesperson, who asked to remain unnamed due to concerns about the targeted harassment of social media employees."

QAnon conspiracy is a cerebral trainwreck. It's a strange trollish worldview born on 4Chan/Reddit messageboards that marries conspiracy theory and political ideology. Virtually all QAnon'ers are staunch Trump supporters who believe Trump is fighting (and winning) a noble liberation quest against 'the deep state' and a global pedophile ring, among other intrepid quests. 

Of course QAnon information is fed to the masses by an anonymous source. No one would want to take responsibility for the fairy tale nonsense that is Q. Q gibberish possesses the ability to shape-shift and become self-referential, it's a fog of bullshit that has a definite scent, but nothing to grasp onto and stomp it into the ground.
It's almost the perfect conspiracy theory. Amorphous and not falsifiable. It's all based on grotesque supposition and confirmation bias.

And when the heat of required evidence gets too hot for a QAnon'er, all they have to do is blame the left. Buzzfeed reports:

"...BuzzFeed News has actually uncovered a new conspiracy theory growing off of this one: Namely, that QAnon is a prank being pulled on Trump supporters by a bunch of leftists. The impetus for this is a 1999 Italian novel called Q written by Luther Blissett. Now, Luther Blissett doesn't exist. It's the name used by a network of leftists and anarchists—covering artists, activists, and agitators—in Italy in the '90s. The plot of Q is weirdly similar to the conspiracy that Q is peddling online, and that's driving speculation that Q's claims are just an attempt to make the right look completely unhinged."

Well QAnon won't have Twitter, its users, and employees to harass and stalk anymore.